Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Oh Holy Night December 28th 2015

Hello again!

First of I can't tell you how happy I was to see all of you this week!
It was the highlight of my week!
I hope you all had a great Christmas! I sure did! So thank you so much
for all of wonderful packages! Christmas really felt like Christmas as
much as it can on the mission!

We also have had such a great week! Just full of interesting
experience, and miracles!

First thing-- some times I just feel like I am in the middle of a soap
opera, like we are just thrown right in the middle of these
situations and it just makes every day fascinating! One such
interesting experience was on Tuesday. We were driving down to go have
a lesson with Justin, We have been meeting with him weekly, and on the
way we got a call from Joanne, ( she is the one with a baptismal date for 
January 16th)  well she called us just distraught and told us of something
 bad that had happened in her family, And that she need us to come visit her!
 It was kind of cool how the timing worked out as well because Justin is one of her best
friends, and he lived not very far from where she was at! So we went
and picked up Justin and went to go visit her. That was a cool
miracle just how that worked out!

It was one of her friends house that we visited and let's just say
that it was a very sad home where there was very little furniture and
lots of drugs all over. Two of her friends were there and they added
to the picture perfectly, one was pretty high out of his mind. We had
no idea what we should do other than to pray with them, so we sat
and talked to them about prayer, and then about the power of the
Atonement! I wish I could have just taken a picture of that moment
because it was priceless!  We just prayed with Them!  I
love missions!

We also did some caroling which was also quite a highlight of the
week! Caroling can be one of the most awkward experience for everyone,
but we love to do it anyways! :) We went as a district and sang for
some of our investigators, one was the sisters investigator. When we got there I am 
pretty sure she was a little drunk, and
asked us to sing " Oh Holy Night" which is not in the hymn book so we
kind of winged it. And it turned out OK, but we were kind of all
leaning on each other guessing the words as we went! Haha

Church on Sunday Was Outstanding! We went to the Amherst ward instead!
And the best part was Jesus and Chris came! They are two guys that we
have been meeting with and they both came to church! They were like
fellow-shipping each other! I was just so  happy! And we are taking
both of them to the sites this week! I just love being a missionary!
I love you all!
Happy new year!
Hope you have some good goals set for the upcoming year!
And I will see you next year!
Elder Todd Houghton

We made a gingerbread temple for FHE last week!
Weather update for last week! Strangest Christmas of my life!

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