Friday, January 29, 2016

"Oh the Places You Go" January 18th, 2016

Hello again!

I hope you all had a great week! In all of your different places
through out the world!

I for one had a fantastic week! I seriously can't tell you how much I
love just being a missionary! It is just one continues righteous
party! It has its highs  and lows but it is all in all a great time!
I am blown away by the fact that Jenn is now officially a woman! How
crazy is that!
Once again we had a fantastic week and again this week has just flown by!
I love how random some the situations you get into on a mission! One
moment you meet a man on the street and then just two hours later your
in his living room with him telling you his life story, and then the
next moment he is walking you into his neighbors house. And then the
next moment he is showing you what his dog can do and then his dog is
checking your car for drugs. All of these very random, happened last Tuesday 
while I was on exchanges in a small town,Medina.
 The best part of that whole encounters  was that we gave him
a Book of Mormon and we set up another visit for next week! Oh the
places you go!

I also love the random situations that happen that you just know are
not  coincidence. So I was still on this exchange and we went to go visit
one of the investigators at his car repair shop out in the middle of
no where. We got there and met his son  there and he had lots
of questions which was great, but the random part was while we were
there this lady walked in that we had meet previously that day ten
miles away! We had gone and dropped of a bunch of books at a community
center and we met this lady! It was crazy seeing her again!
Apparently she is related to their investigator! Oh the people you

It has snowed a lot this week, we had one big blizzard and we
came to the conclusion that we had to go to DQ for some blizzards, it
had to be done! Oh the things you will do!

I sure love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!


Elder Todd Houghton

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