Wednesday, January 6, 2016

HO HO HO Merry Christmas! December 21, 2016

Hello Ho Ho Houghton's and Merry Chirstmas!

I sure hope you are enjoying your white Christmas, while we are
currently having  wet and rain  here in buffalo, not what I was
anticipating. But I am ok with it.

I seriously can't believe it is already Christmas!!! I am so excited
to talk to you in just a few days! There is just so much I want to
tell you all! I am just so excited! :) you can probably expect a call
around 10 am Rocky Mountain day light time! If you could send me your
skype name that would be Awesome!

We have had a very interesting week this week! I got my new companion
on Tuesday, Elder Glenn! He is awesome, we came out at the same time in
the MTC so it is kind of cool to be companions now, he is a good hard
worker and is super personable.  He is from San Francisco the Bay Area
and he is what you would think of a California beach boy, he is way

We had several  opportunities to get dirty doing some service.  We
dressed down and in our shirts and ties, my manly moment of the week
was carrying sheet rock up the stairs in my shirt and tie. I love
doing stuff like that!

 Everyone just finished up the semester for
school, so we are having  some good and bad come form it. The good is that
some people are actually going to have time to meet with us and will not
have to worry about school, and we also have many who are heading back
home for the break! So it's kind of interesting, Hopefully we can take
advantage of this time as much as possible!

 Also kind of a weird situation, we aren't going to have our branch the
next two Sunday's because so many from the branch are going home for the
holiday's. So instead we will be going to my first ward in the
mission! I am kind of excited!

I am so greatest for this time of year, even though it is darkest time
of the year, yet we celebrate the birth of our Savior who is the light
and the life of the world! He is the one that brings the light into
our lives! I am so great full for that!
Sorry this is a short one but I love you all so much! And I look
forward to seeing you soon!


Elder Todd Houghton

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