Friday, January 29, 2016

Yes, it's like the Eskimos January 11, 2016

Hello my dear family!

I hope you have had an amazing week! Happy Birthday Mother! I hope it
was a fantastic one! And Happy Birthday Jenn I seriously can't believe
you are almost 18! Your an adult! Crazy! I am so excited for ya!
Things have been going just swell here in the land of the pizza and
wild wings! I have been loving it!

We had some cool experience this week, and a lot of meetings. I just
added it up and we were in meetings for 13 hours this last week. They
were good but just take a lot of time.

We had a really cool miracle happen last Monday night, at FHE.  We had a
fantastic lesson on learning how to discern the voice of the Spirit
from the voices of the world.  It was outstanding! Everyone in the
lesson was fully engaged. Anyway.. we were on our way
back to the apartment after the lesson and we were just talking about how
good that lesson was and how great that family is. When Elder Glenn
said, " so this might be weird but As we were driving I was looking at
this house and just had a strange thought to tract the house. So we
turned the car a round, and when we pulled up to the house  Elder
Glenn said it was it was this house really far set back from the road
with a judge drive way. All of the lights were off and it was at like 9:15 pm 
9:15. We got the address and we called the sisters in that area to go
and knock on the house the next day. The next day the sisters call
us back add told us that they knocked on the house and met the lady
there. They said she was really nice and for some reason they told her
that they volunteered at an old folks home each week.  Apparently
this lady had just put her elderly mother into this same old folks
home! The sisters said that they would be happy to go visit her there,
and this lady told them how she felt that the sisters were sent by God
to her! She had been feeling very nervous about puting her mother in
the care center, but she felt so much better about it! It was so cool!
And the sister plan to go see her again! 

I also had great opportunity this week were we met these two Muslim
guys on the street in downtown Buffalo and we had a really good
conversation and after talking to them for a little while they wanted
to say a prayer with us! It was crazy the guy for the first started
talking aribic or something! And then we just prayed in the middle of
the street! Haha I just love the random people we meet on the mission!
we meet with Jesús 3 times this
week! And he came to church! So he is doing great and we set a
baptismal date with him for the 23rd of this month.  we are really
trying to work with him. He is just an interesting man. his mind is
kind of all over the place at times! Like we were having a lesson with
him about keeping the commandments, and he just pipes in, "yes it's
like the Eskimos, ( we were like ok where is he going with this?) then
he told us how the Eskimos would kill a rabbit and would take a knife
and cover it with the blood of the rabbit, and then let it freeze
until it would make a blood Popsicle, then they would take it just of
the village and the wolves would come and lick the blood of the knife
and it would cut their tongue and because the lusted after the blood
so much they would keep licking the bloody knife despite it would cut
them and eventually they would die." We were like yeah that's a great
analogy! Haha it was pretty funny!

And then church was crazy! I wish I could be in two places at one
time because we had four investigators at church!  It was crazy! We
were literally all over the place and gospel principles was on the
signs of the second coming  I hope our investigators didn't get to overwhelmed! But all in all it
was fantastic!

We are seeing so many great miracles! I love this work! And I love you all!
Have a great week!

Elder Todd Houghton

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