Thursday, July 21, 2016

Another Week! June 27th 2016


Looks like you're all enjoying your summer! I hope your having lots of
chances to put on your swimming suits and enjoy the pools and beaches!

I really am enjoying this Summer! There is nothing like walking around
in the hot sun, swimming through the humid air, in my suit, shirt and
tie! I get to have the full the summer experience too! :) I am loving
it! I can't wait to tell you all of the wonderful experience I have
had! there are far to many to even count! There is nothing like
serving a mission.

Elder Cummings and I have been working hard! And we are seeing some
great things and people are coming out of the wood work. And we have
had  some interesting experiences as well!

 The first couple I want to talk about is Devin and Katie. They are a young
newly wed couple that live in the northern part of our area, so it's
a little harder to get up there. We had a meeting a few weeks ago and they said
they were interested in learning more! Elder Cumming saw them on exchanges last week and had a really good lesson teaching the restoration to them. Then we got to see them again this week and Devin was telling me how much he enjoyed their visit the week before and how he really liked that we were not forcing him into anything instead we were inviting him to learn more. They both like that.

We read through the first chapter of 1 Nephi with them. They really
enjoyed it and then, before we left, we extend a baptismal invitation
to them and as we were inviting Devin and Katie were nodding there
heads in agreement before we could even finish the invitation! Haha
the only down side is Devin is moving to Pennsylvania! So we are
coordinating with the missionaries down there to meet with him! Katie
doesn't go with him till October so we will still get to visit with

We got to go on another exchange on Saturday.  I was with Elder
Hamilton. Several of our plans fell through so our back up plan was to visit an investigator who lives in Bolivar. When we got there
they were having their annual Pioneer Oils Day Fair. So they had
blocked off all the roads and put in a huge car show! It was really
cool. We met with the investigator and taught a pretty good lesson. However, on the way back we started talking to two young men that are going to be
seniors this next year and they were really cool. As we were talking to
them this man , in a wheelchair, went past us.  He stopped and turned around
and then proceeded to "Anti" us. So here we had these two cool young
guys who were interested and an anti.  Elder Hamilton and I
instinctively split up, he distracting the anti and I with the two
young guys. I told them of the restoration which really seemed to peak
some interest and we set up a time to see them again this week! I
definitely had the better job of the two but it was cool seeing us
work together and Elder Hamilton did a great job holding off the anti.

We also were able to have another powerful lesson with Andrea. We
watched the Joseph Smith movie, and she really seemed to enjoy it so we
are seeing some good progress with her!

Today we had a reception for President and Sister Francis leaving the
mission. We had all of the Rochester and Palmyra zones come to get a
picture with president before they left. They had another one for the
Buffalo missionaries. So we had to start going at 8 to get there at
ten. It was wonderful to see President one more time before he leaves.
He really has done so much for this mission and I have learned so much
from him. I am so grateful for the Francises. It was also great to see
most of the mission. It is amazing how many relationships you make
from serving. When I first came out I literally knew no one, but now
I have met and made hundreds and hundreds of new life long friends!
I know I say it a lot but I love serving this mission!

We are seeing so many great things here in Wellsville. The work is
moving forward! I love you lots and hope you have a great week!

Elder Todd Houghton

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