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Holiness is a Life Style June 6th 2016

Hello Hello!

Another week has just flown by and we are just having a blast. I guess
the saying is true that time flies when you're having fun!
I know I say this every week but we are seeing so many miracles here!
Day after day we are seeing so many great things.  We are trying to cram as
much as we can into the short amount of time we are given, really
there is just so much work to be done and never enough time in a day
to do it!
We got to go to the temple this week for the adjusting to missionary
life meeting, it's always fun to go and see all of the missionaries
and learn from their great spirits. I really love the temple. There is
such a wonderful spiritual boost that comes from there, how I love it.
Getting to see president and sister Francis again is
always a great experience!

We are meeting many people with lots of potential, but I really want to talk about is Andrea.   We met with her for the
third time on Friday and had a wonderful lesson with her. We
always meet with her at the public library out on a terrace they have
there, and each lesson has gone really well. We taught her the plan of
Salvation and she seemed very fascinated by the plan. We also were able to
offer to go with her to the sites in Palmyra and she accepted.  She will go
with us that Sunday! :)
Saturday evening there was the adult Stake conference and
there were only four people there, us and the Moores.  Haha. Other then the Seventy that spoke my favorite talk was by a
dear black sister, she got up and wore a silver jacket that just
sparkeled in the light and she gave the most empowering talk about Holiness
I have ever heard! She talked about her conversation to the church and
how she loved the holiness of the temple, By the way she presented I
just wanted to stand and shout Hallelujah! It was empowering and not
at all what is common in our church culture. She then said how she had
only been a member for ten months.  That's when it hit me! It was the same
lady that I had had the opportunity to give her baptismal interview! I
didn't even realize it until then, but it was amazing to see the light
of Christ just fill this sister! It was a wonderful moment.

Sunday morning we had stake conference and this was not your normal
stake conference --they were calling a new stake president. Both elder
Beheshti and elder Perkins of the seventy came to reorganize the stake
presidency. We were watching the broadcast of it down here in
Wellsville, it was great and the men they have called seem like they
will do many great things for the stake, I am very excited. The sad
part was half way through Elder Beheshti's talk the sound cut out so
we could only see what was being said but could not understand
anything. They tried several times to get back on but it was to no
avail so we missed out on both of the General authorities messages. It
was a real bumber but the experience reminded me of Apostasy once we
were cut of from the revelation, we could only see with our natural
eyes and try to come up with what is being said, but once that happens
conversation turns to talking about recipes or how the lady in the
choir looks like she has puppy dog ears, or that person falling asleep! What once would of been very spiritual uplifting, fell into
mans own ways. It was an eye opening experience, don't cut yourself
from the source that gives me you enlightenment!

After that we felt a little spiritually deprived, but we were able to
make up for it. We went with the Moores and picked up Andre and we drove
the two hour drive up to Palmyra! It was a wonderful experience for
everyone! God was being very kind with the weather it rained the whole
way there and then once we got out it stopped, and then when we got to
the farm home it poured! And then once we left
out it stopped! It wasn't until we left the Hill Cumorah to come back
that it started raining again, it was such a tender mercy. Kind of a
neat experience was while we were there Elder Perkins and Elder
Beheshti came in so we got to meet and shake their hands! (I wasn't
able to hear them  that morning but I got to shake their hands!) Andrea
loved the sacred grove and also the Christis statue at the Hill. I
think she really felt some thing there! We are just really enjoying
working with Her and we wouldn't of been able to do it with out the
Moores! They really just made it a wonderful experience!
I  am constantly reminded of how much I just love being a missionary!
I am just embracing every moment!
Hope you all have a great week!
Sending love from the east!

Elder Todd Houghton

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