Thursday, July 21, 2016

I Looked Out the Window and What Did I See July 18th 2016

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and making memories!
Elder Cummings and I have been crazy busy this week! There is so much going on and we have had some amazing experiences! 

In our area book there was a lady name Patricia that the previous sisters had met with.  She showed a lot of promise however due to some health issues her they were unable to get a hold of her.  We tried getting a hold of her but it was to no avail. Sunday the 10th, we made a plan that we were going to call her again and see if we could set something up with her. When, by "Coincidence", a less active member family that we had been trying to get to come to church for the past 8 weeks came and they Brought Patricia! They told us that Pat needed a place to go and so they invited her to come live with them! They asked if we could help them move on Tuesday, which we readily agreed to! 

Tuesday came and we filled up our truck and loaded almost everything of hers. After we unloaded everything we had a sit down lesson with them. Patricia told us how she has been to several churches but has never felt right about any of them. She told us about an experience she had while at church. When the second speaker got up she had an overwhelming feeling come over her where she described as if she were dead and she heard a voice say to her "You are blessed". She absolute loved it. Then during our lesson as we were describing the Apostasy and we used the analogy of the Church as a vase which fell and shattered in  many pieces and others coming and taking pieces and forming their own church. When we said that she couldn't believe it.She said she had seen what we were talking about before! She was then Blown away by the first vision. After it all we invited her to be baptized.  She said "Heck Yeah" ( that's the screened version) haha she is all for it! It was a Remarkable experience! 

Later that night we met with the Lipka family, a Family that we have started to meet with. They have been making some huge strides and they have been reading from the Book of Mormon. It was amazing!! they also have 4 young boys and they are all warming up to us as well. It is so exciting to teach a family! to top it off to they Gave us a container of homemade Laundry detergent! They are amazing!

Friday we were able to go up to The Pageant again with a bunch of the members.  They took an RV up so that was really fun. While we were there I was able to see Sister Sofia who was baptized a year ago when I was in the Pittsford ward. She is preparing to go through the temple so I am excited about that! The nice part of the RV was that I got to take a nap on the bed on the way back. One of the best things I have ever had the chance to do! :) We got back really late that night.

Saturday morning I had another very unique experience. We woke up to this Sound that was coming from outside. So we looked out the window and there were about a dozen or so Hot Air Balloons Floating past our apartment! It was So cool I felt like a little kid again! 

They had a huge Fair on the main street during the day. We had a booth on family history. it was really funny because the booths that surrounded us were on Vaping, wine, tattoos, Guns, and then for part of the time there was Concert right in front of our booth! we went from 8AM to 5.PM that day and we talked to a boat load of people literally thousands of people came for the Balloon Rally! It was amazing! One cool experience we had was we saw a lady named Anastasia that we had meet about two weeks previously on her porch, she wasn't to interested but was friendly. Well we saw her on Saturday and started to talk to her again. This time she was much more open and ended up saying " Can I ask you a question? Could I give you my phone number and have you guys come over and tell me more about the Bible and your church?" haha We said of course! and set up a time to see her on Sunday! We had a powerful lesson on the restoration, and she wants to learn more! Sometimes you just never know when someone might be ready! we just have to make sure we invite! 

Being a missionary and share the gospel really is one of the most wonderful things! how grateful I am for this wonderful and sacred privilege! I love you all so much! 
Elder Todd Houghton 

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