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I Haven't Gotten That Far Yet May 23rd, 2016

Hello again!

I can't tell you how much I just love being a missionary and also
getting to just get out and do the work! Every day is an adventure
with new and random things happening. There is so much to tell you!

First  there is something called "cruel and unusual punishment", last
Tuesday was my last zone conference so they had me bear basically my
farewell testimony. Which is different because I still have lots of time to
be a missionary! It was a very powerful meeting, because it is also
President Francis last zone conference. Let's just say the spirit was
very strong and now I am just pumped to go as hard as I can!

Ok we have had some great experience, so we were going to go visit
someone that lived on Main Street where there is paid parking.  We
went and parked on the side street because we weren't paying for
parking! When we got out of the truck there was man kind of on the
other side of the road so we just said hello to him.  He looked at
us and walked over to us. Once he was close you could smell the
alcohol on his breath and he had badly burned skin.  He asked us
what we were doing? So we told him, but I wasn't really wanting to
spend to much time on him because you could tell he was very
intoxicated. His name was Robby and as he was talking to us he leans up
against the truck and was just chatting away. When a lady roles by in
her wheelchair and he looked and said "Hey that is my sister! Do you
want to go meet her?" We agreed and walked over with this guy and he
turned around and said, "hey don't say anything but she doesn't have any
legs, she was hit by a drunk driver." We got to meet Andrea and she
was just a wonderful ray of sunshine! We told her about the Hill
Cumorah Pagent and then about the restoration, and she told us how she
has been investigating other religions and how she likes to learn more
about them. So we set up a time to see her again on Friday at the

Friday came and we invited sister Moore, a member from the branch, to
come help us for the lesson. It was her first time going to a lesson
with missionaries and it was going to be Elder Cummings first sit down
lesson.  So it was a lot of first for everyone. As we were waiting I
wasn't sure if she would come but just at that moment she rolled up
in her wheel chair with a big smile on her face! Just that little scene
made my day!

Andrea has had a very hard life she used to be an alcoholic but has
been clean for ten years and because of all she has went through she
has a powerful testimony of God!The lesson was fantastic and she
really love the principles of the restoration and was just soaking it
all in! Sister Moore was such a big help as well! I don't think
members really understand how much it helps In a lesson when they are
there. After that lesson we had a thought pop in our heads to invite
her to a service project that next day where we were going to be
planting several flowers for that library. And she said she would love
So Saturday morning came around, we went over and just started weeding
We had all the elders from our district come and help
and we had several members from the branch come to help out, it was a
fantastic project. And guess who should up In her wheelchair and Work
gloves! Andrea!  It was wonderful for her and sister Moore was such a help. During that service project she got to make new friends and she
got to meet most of the branch, so that was just such a great
experience!  We will be seeing Andrea next Friday! Which I am really looking forward too! 

I just find it remarkable how the lord really can lead us to those who are prepared, even if it is through a drunk man!oh side note we saw Robby again the next day.  He offered to take us out to dinner which would have been
quite the experience, but as he talked to us the offer from taking us
to dinner turned to have us take him to our apartment and we would
make dinner tonight and he would take us out another night. Haha. It
was pretty funny.

One more neat miracle, we went and dropped by a less active members
house that didn't say much about him in the record. He lived out in
the boonies next to a couple Amish farms. So we got there and this man
was out in front so we asked him if he was Christopher and he got a
grin and said you finally caught me! And told us he had been there for
over 2 years and no one had caught him home, he said he had gotten
cards, a notes but no one had every gotten  him before. This man is
basically an investigator because he doesn't remember anything about
the church, so we told him about the Book of Mormon. It was funny-- we
asked him if he remembered anything about Nephi and Lehi and said "no
I haven't gotten that far yet," haha this man has a wife and four
kids and he was open to having us come by again! So that was just one
huge miracle! I am really excited about just all the great things we
are seeing!
I hope everything is going well for you all! Missions are the
greatest! And I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Todd Houghton

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