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Hello It's Me April 25th 2016

Hello again from the other side!

I hope you all have had a great week! Jenn what a great thing that you
won the best supporting actress out of 17 schools! I am so proud (in
the most righteous way I can be).

We have had many great lessons this week! We met with this one girl
named Elizabeth at Eastmen school of music on Tuesday. Eastman is such
a cool school-- it's like Hogwarts for musicians! We brought a member
named Cierra with us and the really cool thing is that Cierra is a
convert of about three year. Her contact with the church was
that she had a roommate that was a member that became her best friend,
and she eventually joined the church.  The really cool part about
that was Elizabeth has had  the same experience.  She had a roommate
that is a member that became her best friend and that is why she is
willing to meet with us even though her friend lives out west now. It
was such a good lesson. We read out of The first Chapter of 1 Nephi! It
was really good!

I got to go on exchanges with Elder Gibby again on Wednesday. This time
in his area in Batavia. It was such an interesting day. We went to go
do service for this one investigator because the other elders in their
districts were sick and couldn't go. So we went instead.
and when we got there, in our service clothes, the man was like, "
what is
this casual Wednesday?" We were like, "did you want us to do service?" and
he was like, "no, we aren't doing that today." So we sat down for a
lesson. This man had read alma 40-41 and had done one of the most in
depth studies of it I had ever seen. He was asking us a lot of
questions. I didn't even know how to answer many of his questions. But
I knew if he kept studying the Book of Mormon and comparing to the
bible as he had then he will be able to find many of those answers!
Not to mention this man had one of the most adorable little kids there.

Also during that day we were walking through the streets dropping by
some of their investigators and this lady pulled into her drive way in
front of us. And the first thing Elder Gibby asks is "Have you ever
read the Book of Mormon?" The lady was like actually yes! I have one on
my night stand and have reading through it! (I was just blown way by
her response!! Most of the time people haven't even heard of it) She said
she had just had one mailed to her and has been reading through it
because her brother in law is a member and she wanted to know what he
was going to be teaching his children. We were then able to set up a
return appointment which was awesome! It was an inspired

Thursday we were on our way to see an investigator on the RIT
(Rochester Institute of Technology) campus. Well we needed to take an
elevator to get to her floor. Whilst in the elevator we met two girls
and initiated our awkward elevator talk. They were probably thinking
"Mormons are freaking weird". Eventually we got to our floor and the
girls got off with us and then we did that awkward thing where you say
goodbye and then go the same direction. Well we get to our
investigators door and they went into the dorm across the hallway. We
are knocking and waiting, no answer. Finally the door across the hall
opens and the two girls come out and one left. The other girl (Megan)
just stood there. So we asked her if she knew Tandra (the investigator
we were there to see.) she said no but she said she had seen us on
campus before walking around. She then asked how long we had both been
out... Not a weird question, some people know we serve 2 years. So we
told her, She then says, "so you both have like 3-4 months left? Cool,
when are the next transfers?" That was when we were like hold on-- how
does this girl know what transfers are? So now we start questioning
her. "Is your family Mormon?" "No" "do you have friends who
are Mormon?" "No" then  Elder Tomlinson asked, "are you a member?" She
laughed and said no and then He was like, "you're lying! You are a
member!" She just laughed and shook her head. Then we somehow got
talking about the temple and how we were there earlier that day with
the new missionaries. She asked how long it took for them to adjust.
Elder Tomlinson had an "adjusting to missionary life booklet" with
him, and pulled it out of his bag and she said, "I have one of those."
To which He responded, "NO YOU DONT!" Then she said she would prove
it. She went into her dorm and then came out after a bit. She said she
couldn't find it but she showed us a letter instead. Turns out she has
a "boyfriend" serving in Thailand! She was from Ohio and had gone to
church with him there and even helped in primary. We asked if she
would like to meet sometime and she said, "yeah we can not go get
coffee or tea sometime!" Haha she is awesome! So we should be seeing
her this week! It was such a cool miracle!

    This is an adventure of Elder Houghton and Elder Tomlinson written
by elder Tomlinson : Once upon a time there were two missionaries.
They were trying to contact a potential when all of a sudden they come
across two people waiting at the bus stop! They approach them and ask
them what they know about Mormons and the Book of Mormon. They don't
know much so they proceed to teach. The bus comes and the two miss
their bus but by the time the next one comes the missionaries have
successfully placed two copies of the Book of Mormon and got a return
appointment!  This is how we met Archie and Maribel! They are a couple
that live together, he is 20 and she is 17. We went back to see them
and they kinda live in the ghetto. Their apartment is sketchy from the
outside but inside it was really clean and modern and nice! And they
are so humble and awesome! We taught them the restoration and they are
excited to learn more. Plus they are really normal! Before we started
our lesson Archie wanted to tell us something. Now let's rewind and
watch his side of the story. Archie had been deciding whether or not
to get a car, a fast car. He was afraid that if he did he might hurt
himself, plus the loan for the car was $6,000. He decided that he
would pray about it. The day before he went to get the loan he prayed
that if God did not want him to get the loan that he would stop him
from doing so, or give him some sort of sign. The next day Archie and
Maribel set out to get said loan. While at the bus stop two wild
missionaries appeared and caused them to miss their bus! They
eventually got one and were off to the loan agency. With a newly
obtained Book of Mormon in hand he reaches the office door and
realizes they are just minutes late and can't get a loan. He was
thankful that God had answered his prayer and now wants to know more!

It has been such a great week! With many miracles and so many more! I
look for ward to a time when I can actually tell you them all!
 The Gospel is true! Missions are great! And I love you so all so much!
Elder Todd Houghton

Brent Houghton

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