Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy Mother's Day May 9th 2016

Hello family!

It was so wonderful to see all of your wonderful beautiful faces! I am
seriously the luckiest missionary with the greatest family! It is always
such a boost to see you all!

I got to tell you about a few of the amazing experiences we have had this week! By far the coolest experience was going to Palmyra with Paco and his girlfriend who is a member from Florida! It was
absolutely beautiful!  All of the trees are blossoming and green wase = everywhere! I will have to send some more pictures because
it was just so great to be there then! We were heading back from the Sacred Grove and we asked Paco what he thought of
everything, and he said to us that he felt like he already knew
about these things before, and he felt good about everything. So we
asked him if he would be baptized and he said he would! :) It was a
wonderful experience!

Another neat experience we had this week happened on  exchanges in
Henrietta ,a suburb of Rochester.  We went and dropped by a potential
that had been found like a year ago but hadn't had any contact since.
So we knocked on the door and these two little dogs came bounding
around the corner and one started nipping at my ankles. ( Which made
me want to just kick the dog) but we waited for a second then this lady
answered.  She looked at us and invited us in. It really caught me off
guard, So we went in.  We sat on her couch and just started to talk
to her and learn about her life and who she is.  She then asked
what she could do for us? Which we were happy to tell her. We told her
we would like to share a message about the restoration of the church. 
 She agreed and we proceeded with the lesson. It was awesome!
Afterwards she told us we would not convert her but she was willing to learn. Which honestly is what they all say. We most certainly won't convert her but if she is willing to listen, and ponder and pray about the the things that are taught, then the spirit will do the rest!

There are a lot of changes coming here. Many of the people we have been working with are going home for the summer and members are going home and others are coming back! So it's a big changing time right now!

It is official I am getting transferred to my last area! (Most likely
unless something crazy happens) I am going to Wellsville! Which you
should know is the area everyone jokes about.  They say you're getting
banished to the boonies were the closest missionary is a 30 minute
drive away! I am so excited!

It was really cool this morning they did our transfer calls a little
different, instead of calling it through to each companionship they
had us a do a conference call so everyone could here about everything
for transfers! It was really cool having everyone on the same phone
I am super excited for the new changes! And I love you all so much!
Hope you have a wonderful week and next time I will be writing from
the middle of nowhere! :)
Elder Todd Houghton

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