Thursday, July 21, 2016

Baptize Me Alma (Favorite quote from the pageant) July 11th 2016

Hello Hello! 

I hope you have all had a wonderful week! We have had such an exciting week! It literally started with a bang! ( Because of the fireworks) 

We got to meet the new Mission President and his family on Thursday. I am very excited to see what great things he will bring for this mission. He is a powerful teacher and has a great vision of what we can accomplish through our Faith and Obedience! 

We got to go to the opening night of the Pageant on Friday with Andrea. We crammed in the back of the Moore's car and made the two hour drive up. On the way up we had a fun little experience when a cop pulled us over for speeding (in a spot where everyone speeds) and then instead of giving us a full speeding ticket he gave us a parking ticket so it wasn't as much of a fine. HaHa then as we were pulling away we saw him make a U turn and pull over someone else. That was pretty exciting. 

The Pageant was such a wonderful experience. It felt like every five feet there was someone that I knew from one of my previous areas. It was so wonderful to see them all again! The Pageant was packed that night. I haven't ever seen it that full before! It was a weird feeling as the pageant started because I felt like I had just barely been there watching it like the night before. But nope it has been a whole year. Crazy how fast time travels. Andrea seemed to like it! We are really hoping that this will be able to help her to take those steps in the right direction. We got back about 12:30 in the Morning. Its not to often when we missionaries get to do that. Needless to say it felt weird.

While I was on Exchanges With Elder Keller.

Us getting ready! 

 The Stage all ready to go

That next Morning we had a great opportunity to help a Methodist church set up for a fundraiser  festival they had going on. It is always a wonderful experience to help others. We then went to the Balloon Ralley Parade in Wellsville. It made finding people to talk to very easy because everyone was out. This upcoming Saturday they are going to launch several Hot air balloons all day. This is what Wellsville is known for and thousands of people come down for it! I am very excited for it!

One huge miracle for us was getting to meet this member that recently moved into the the branch.  His name is Tim and he is one of the funniest guys I have had a chance to be around. He recently got out of Prison about 3 weeks ago and was in there for about 13 years. He is a man that has turned his life around. He told us about the man that he used to be but now he has had a complete 180 degree  turn. He studied the Bible a lot while he was in prison and loves it and now he is going back into the Book of Mormon. He is on fire. Tim is a great man, and has been introducing us to many of his friends and family members and is already being a great missionary. Well, the neat part about this is we met a young man name Tristan who wants to turn his life around as well. It turned out he lives in the same complex as Tim and it just so happened that Tim has been helping Tristan already come unto Jesus. So last night we dropped by Tim's and asked if he wanted to join us for a lesson with Tristan and he was out the door and already walking over. haha It turned out to be a powerful lesson and Tim really helped Tristan feel more comfortable around us and he is a great fellowshiper! I am excited to see what things will come! 

Another triumph this week was that we had 8 less active members come to Church for the first time in a really long time! That was a Miracle! 
There is so much work to be done! We are running to try and do as much as we can in such little time. Honestly 2 years is really short when it comes to the Work of Salvation.

I sure love you all! Hope you have a great week.
Elder Todd Houghton

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