Thursday, July 21, 2016

Proud to be an American July 4th 2016

Hello again! And Happy Independence Day! 

We got to enjoy a nice parade this morning, It was the largest one in Allagany county, (but I think Saint Anthony's pioneer day parade is better!) :) Tonight we will be able to enjoy a firework show as well so I am excited about that but other than that today Is another P-day.

This Week the baton has been passed as President Francis finished his service and President Evans, From Meridian Idaho, is picking it up!  It is always exciting. He seems like a great Man and we will get to meet with him this next Thursday.
We have had some fun experiences this week. One was we were meeting with a less active lady, Brenda, that lives in a cabin in the woods. Well, right as we finished meeting with her her neighbor, Denise, came over to drop off some groceries that she had gotten for Brenda and she also had her thirteen year old niece. I thought they were only going to give us a nice "how do you do?" and leave but No! Denise came over and  sat and talked with us. Her only understanding of Mormons was that of Polygamy, which we quickly cleared up. She went on to tell us many of the hard things she had been going through but now she is going upward in her spirituality. We told her how the Book of Mormon is something that strengthens our faith in Christ and how it can help us. It was weird what happened next. Denise said almost warningly to us "Here is where I will shoot you down" and  she started to ask us what she thought were difficult questions about why would we use another book (the Book of Mormon) other then the Word? We happily and calmly responded and told her how we use the Bible and Book of Mormon together. We had the chance to answer many other questions. By the end of it all we gave Denise and her niece a copy of the Book of Mormon, and set up a time to see her again this week. she told us she wouldn't have asked us those questions if she wasn't curious and that we had talked enough to satisfy some of her questions.We are excited to see what happens next! 

While on Exchanges on Saturday we had a great opportunity to help out one of our investigators on his engine. We went over got our hands dirty and got to rub shoulders with this man named Eric, He really wants to start coming to church again. And is a really good guy, I was happy we were able to help him out. It wasn't until after that I realized that he lived about a quarter of a mile from the Pennsylvanian border. We were at the very bottom corner of the mission. We snapped some pictures and then went back to work!

 We have been having so many other great experiences this week things are really going well!  I love being a missionary! There really is no greater job than to be a representative of Jesus Christ! 

I also love this country something about seeing American flags everywhere gets that patriotic spirit to swell in side of me! How grateful I am for the those who have sacrificed so much for the Freedoms we enjoy!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your 4th of July.
Elder Todd Houghton

Ps. For the 4th of July we have Fireworks, parades, wear all assortments of red, white and blue, and barbecue late into the night to celebrate our nations independence. What do you think the Nephiets did to celebrate the day they came to the Promise land? Food For Thought. :) 

Some adorable German Shepard puppies

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