Thursday, July 21, 2016

"I See You Have a Book" June 13th 2016

Hello Hello!

I hope you are all doing well because Elder Cummings and I are doing wonderful! we have been seeing countless miracle after miracle! There really is nothing else I would rather be doing! 

We met with a nice young lady on Tuesday in the park in Wellsville.  Her name is Rhonda and she grew up as a Jehovah witness so she said  she could relate with going and knocking on doors. We started teaching her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon  and that's when she said how she really wanted to know what we believed about life and death?-- so we switched gears and taught the plan of salvation and testified about how the Book of Mormon brings hope in our lives.  She said that she felt like she had lost hope. Elder Cummings shared a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and it literally almost brought me and Rhonda to tears. After that she said. " I am taking your book and I am going to read it!" and then she said, "Can we do this again?" haha it was very exciting! we plan to see her again this week! 

The Hills are doing great! We went and visited her and and her son was there! Karla the mother was telling us how she had been watching a broadcast on Joseph Smith on PBS so she could learn more. We had previously dropped off a Book of Mormon to her son the previous week with a note inviting him to come to church and when he saw us he said he got our bible and that he would like to come to church with us sometime! Great! This family is basically- Dry Mormons! They are all just wonderful people, so we are excited to see what is going to come of it all!

On Friday we were invited over to have a picnic with some of the members from our branch. They had a Campfire and everything! i was so excited! However, the best part that we weren't expecting,a  was their in-active daughter and her three children, two daughters and one son, came as well! It was perfect opportunity to socialize with their great family and the kids really warmed up to us! it was so much fun! The son is about 10 years old and reminded me of myself when I was his age.  For example, he was the only boy, played soccer and liked to read. It was really fun just talking with him.  At one point he saw the copy of the Book of Mormon I had beside me and said, "I see you have a book. What's it about?" haha it was a great question!  As it got later  we were leaving and he came and gave us all hugs! I really hope we can go somewhere with this family! 

This is the greatest Job anyone could ever have. you're not payed in money but your payment is what it says in D&C18:15-16 which is Joy! 
Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Todd Houghton

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