Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy Memorial Day May 30th 2016

Hello hello and Happy Memorial Day!

I am so excited for the new Parents of the family! Brooklyn looks
adorable! I can't wait to see her as well. She sure is a lucky girl to
come to such wonderful parents! I am so excited for you! I am now
exited to bear the title of Uncle!
Also congrats to the new Grad of the Family! Jenn if I could have been
there I would have!
It also sounds like you all had a full week! I am grateful
every one is alive and well!

We too, here in New York, have had very busy and exciting week! We
have just been seeing countless miracles and also have been having so
many interesting moments.

We started a Book of Mormon challenge this week to read the 
Book of Mormon as a mission in 34 days, so these letters are basically
my small plates. When I get home ask and I will pull out my large plates(aka journal).
First one
On Tuesday we had planed to go and visit Dustin and
Ashely, we really prepared a great message that focused on families
and the Plan of Salvation, it was going to be great, so after all of
our preparation we went over and they weren't there. So we dropped by
later and caught them, the lesson did not go the way we had planned
they both don't have much of a religious background so they were
confused by even what I though was simple.  We threw our lesson plan out of the window. However, later that night we went and visited
a lady name Frieda. She is a lady that the sisters had met with a few
times before we got there. She was a pretty sweet lady from Texas. We
met with her on her porch and then we started to use the lesson plan
that we had prepared and she loved it! We ended up committing her to
go to the temple, and then to prepare for that to be baptized! So it
was pretty exciting!

We also had a great opportunity to help the family that is distantly
related to the elder Cummings. We went and helped them move their
son who lives in friendship New York. It was such a good opportunity
helping them.  We were having lunch with them and the
conversation turned to where they started talking about what happens
after this life, like purgatory and what it is. And then they turned
to us and asked us what we believed! We were very happy to explain
God's Plan of Salvation. It was a perfect opportunity! The Mother
after words told us we were welcome to come back any time to see her!

After that we went over to the cemetery
that has Sydney Rigdon's grave stone.  We cleaned the headstones to help the cemetery look a little better before some tours come over the summer.
It was something I never expected to do, but we got to do it!
 The very first person we met here in Wellsville was named Shane he
was open to learning more, but we just were never able to meet with
him. Well we stopped by on Friday, and he was home! He let us in!!  He turned
off his music and sat down ready to listen, as if he had been planning
on us. We taught the message of the restoration and he agreed with
everything and accepted the commitment to be baptized as well! He is a
sincere man! Now I just hope they can follow through because if they
do their lives will be changed for the better!

I am loving this area, there really is no place I would rather be! I
love you all so much and happy Memorial Day!
Elder Todd Houghton

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